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Month: April 2014

Feds Say “Avoid Internet Explorer”


Feds warn against using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer until recently discovered security hole is fixed.

Only days on the heel of the disastrous Heartbleed security bug, Microsoft issued an advisory late Saturday night that they had discovered a glaring hole in Internet Explorer.

It is a variant of what is called a zero day bug, and it can allow an attacker to execute malicious program code.

The vulnerability is considered severe enough to warrant US agency intervention in managing it.

Today, less then two days later, Geekwire reports that the US government warns that users should not run the affected version until a fix it is delivered.


VentureBeat on the Past and Future of Google+


You need only look to the past to accurately predict the future… or at least the company’s intentions. review of 4/25/2014 Article by VentureBeat on the future of Google+.

Squint Your Eyes Just A Little

People can be very short-sighted when it comes to product strategy. You don’t need to be an expert — you just look at their past moves. In my opinion, consumer short-sightedness is partly Google’s fault since endearing the industry to the “beta as a release” and “Let’s test 3 social products simultaneously and see what sticks” product strategies.


HUMOR “A Facebook Update In Real Life” on YouTube


A Facebook Update In Real Life:

I thought this post title might have alluded to the myriad (and complex) ways one could seamlessly connect a real life task, and the steps to a useful Facebook post.  There are, indeed a number of ways to “skin the cat,” with varying degrees of success…

Instead I find a humorous video clip to rival the April Fools jokes that Google likes to do. Are we in Bizarro World?

Is Facebook corporate becoming funny and cool? :-P.