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Month: June 2014

Android L and Material Design

Finally! A UI principal design that makes sense!

For years we’ve had to deal with very unnatural UI concepts like hierarchical menus that inherently drop as you try and navigate that tiny little channel between main and sub menu. Or have had to endure trendy but ultimately flawed concepts that don’t exist in 3d reality.

One of the best user interface educational experiences I had in the software world was at Action Point, while working with a consultancy called Human Factors International.

We had enlisted them to help us design client-side JavaScript widgets to distribute validation processing to browser. It was a revolutionary idea that would minimize extensive server round trips using CGI  (we were among the early technology many companies to provide this )


Of course it is just my opinion, but I don't think this really changes anything in the way of strategy for Google. If anything, they appear to be re-defining the playing field by casting G+ as an architecture component with an API and "social networking" as a feature vs. an application or industry.