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Fixed the ED Problem. Now Facebook is C-Blocking Me

By this title, I am referring to Editing and Design issues, and being Comment-blocked.

THE PROBLEMVirtual Connections

Anybody that has used Facebook pages as a mechanism for marketing and business communication is starting to see that Facebook is deliberately hindering the communication channel in a transparent effort to bolster advertising sales.

For example, I have nearly 300 Facebook friends but when I send a message to them, page insights tell me that I’m getting 10 to 12 … for REACH.


That means ~97% of my contacts are not even seeing my post!?!!

That speaks nothing of the fact that they may or may not be interested in opening it, forwarding it, commenting upon it, etc. ( these items are aspects of MINDSHARE and SENTIMENT).



Aside from direct email, which is problematic and wraught with scam, spam and malware, there are actually three areas on FB do not seem as restricted:

  • Wall posts
  • Events
  • Direct messages



Posts on my wall do not show up for every friend, but tend to be driven by interactivity of comments and likes. Everyone also pretty much assumes that stalking another person’s photos ups the connection value.

FB also recently added the ability for recipients to “tune down” contact news feed entries by allowing you to un-follow or move people to less important groups — that all works pretty well to our benefit.



Posting directly on someone else’s wall works except for you can only do one at a time. The only mass mechanisms seem to be the bad ones that are robots with unauthorized access to your friend list.



Event notices have relatively unrestricted reach, but FB removed any sort of “select all”.


** There is a clever trick for quickly adding many recipients that I’m happy to share with you if you’re interested. **

But… You are limited to 50 recipients per invite. You have to hope they are paying attention because event notices go into a different bucket that can be turned off altogether.



As you would expect, direct messages are completely unrestricted — it would kind of suck it some unanticipated number of messages just didn’t make it for arbitrary reasons.

But, I figure that you will get shut down if you tried using it as a marketing mechanism.


Or would you?


Seems like the ideal way to get a message to the right people, eh? 🙂

1 comment for “Fixed the ED Problem. Now Facebook is C-Blocking Me

  1. BuildEHR
    April 7, 2014 at 07:25

    this test has taken on many facets. It’s going to take a minute to sort out all the different permutations but generally this is what we looking at:

    1. What is the initial reach using events, wall posts and direct messaging vs. a standard post on a FB Page? Does your post in any one of these mechanisms reach more people then a standard post on a FB Page? Are Page Insights accurate?

    2. What is the subsequent reach of posts and comments on aforementioned event or wall post?

    3. Is there any additional effect on reach for sharing and commenting with feed sites?

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