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for small growing business.

Website: Sweet Agility

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    Small business expands market presence.
    Meet Jean Elvin, a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. If you do not know what that means, you know why we designed her site to educate. The result is a simple, but effective layout with a clear “call to action”.


    Project: Sweet Agility.

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Events Management
Sophisticated event subsystem that allows class management and Eventbrite publicizing.

Service title
Easy-to-use Testimonial system that allows for animated, scrolling client testimony. Sophisticated filtering options for grouping and ordering entries and layout.

Service title
Integrated with Mailchimp PR system and Google Tools to allow full-cycle analysis and reporting, linking marketing efforts to web and social services leads.


Responsive HTML 5 design works on desktop and phone alike Images fully scaled and cached for optimized delivery


Google PageSpeed tested, CDN cached, code compressed and optimized for fast rendering


Online backups, SSO, development sandbox and fully factored template design

SEO Designed

Admin-friendly meta and sitemaps, Google Analytics-equipped

Expandable Sections

[IMAGE: Animated sections] [IMAGE: Animated sections]

Call-To-Action Design

[IMAGE: CTA screenshot]

Re-usable Components

The “Benefit Areas” is the same page/post data used for the menus and front page slider content

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